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Cruising Along The Hudson: Trips Available Through Nyack Boat Charter

Sam Barron

Sep 20, 2017

Doug Foster, a Nyack resident, thinks the best way to view the Hudson River is up close and personal.

Foster is one of the co-owners of Nyack Boat Charter, which offers two-hour tours of the Hudson River, leaving from the Nyack Municipal Marina on a 54-foot sailboat. Foster's co-owner Rob Bellanich owns and operates NY Boat Charter in the city.

"Nobody is doing anything like this in the mid-Hudson," Foster said. "Down in the city there is cutthroat competition."

Originally offering only private charters, Nyack Boat Charter changed its business plan this year and began offering public tours of up to 12 people. This year, they have taken more than 100 trips out on the Hudson.

"We've gotten a huge response," Foster said, of the tours, which go around the new Tappan Zee Bridge.

The boat tours have attracted a diverse group of people, Foster said, who really enjoy getting to be right out on the Hudson. In Nyack, the water is not very rough, which means minimal seasickness.

"It's about getting out there and sailing," Foster said. "It's really relaxing. You don't have to own your own boat to go out on the Hudson. You can watch the sunset over Nyack."

Foster said people often find him by Googling "Things To Do In Nyack" and he said he has gotten customers from Connecticut, Long Island, New York City, Northern New Jersey, Westchester and Orange County.

"People are so happy," Foster said. "They've been wanting something like this for years. They haven't been able to get out on the water. There's been a real pent-up demand.

Nyack Boat Charter operates from May through mid-October, though Foster believes September is the best month for sailing.

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