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Starting our 2022 Sailing season with a bang

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

We had our first sailing charter this last Sunday on the mighty Hudson River, and wow, what a great experience. The weather forecast showed some risk with 30% chance of rain, but we felt confident it would be a similar day to Saturday, so we agreed to move ahead. In the end, it was perfect. The temperature was in the 90s, which is unseasonably warm, and the wind was blowing a solid 15+ knots. No threat of rain in the end.

With a southerly breeze, we decided to go under the bridge first (locals still call the Tappan Zee, but officially the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Memorial), which we don't often do on sails, but the conditions were perfect. Our guests were the best of people, and we had such a wonderful time.

After the bridge, we came back south and sailed passed the #nyackboatclub Sunday sailing race, where they were also enjoying the perfect conditions. We sailed down Upper Nyack to the Hook, and back to Nyack. A perfect day.

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