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Edward Hopper's "The Lee Shore"

Edward Hopper grew up in Nyack, and is buried in Nyack at Oak Hill Cemetary.

The house Hopper grew up in is on North Broadway, at the top of Second Avenue, around the corner from my house.

The Hopper House, which is now a museum and study house, isn't visible from the Hudson on our charters, but there is another famous house at 1 LaVeta Place, which is a beautiful Victorian house on the water, that many believe is the house in his painting "The Lee Shore".

Hopper was a realist painter, but he didn't paint a house exactly from one location. The most famous example is "House by the Railroad", the inspiration for the Bates Mansion in Hitchcock's Psycho. That house is clearly inspired by a house in Haverstraw, but not exactly.

Hopper painted scenes of sailing when we was on Cape Cod, but I think the house in "The Lee Shore" was inspired by 1 Laveta.

I've been in the house at 1 Laveta, which is an amazing location. At the time I was running for Nyack's Village board with Jen White, and it was a fund raising event. At the time the owner was film director Adam Brooks. It is just around the corner from where Hopper grew up, and I always think of that house when I see the painting.

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